Today, the Decarbonising Building Industry (DBI) network was privileged to host A/Prof Sudharshan N. Raman from Monash University Malaysia, who led an enlightening seminar on the “Feasibility of Coal Bottom Ash as a Supplementary Binding Material in Cement-based Composites.”

A/Prof Raman’s research offers groundbreaking insights into repurposing Coal Bottom Ash (CBA), a by-product of coal-fired power plants, as an alternative to conventional cement in building materials. With the construction sector searching for ways to reduce its carbon footprint and the environmental impact of cement production, his findings could pave the way for more sustainable practices.

In his talk, A/Prof Raman outlined the potential environmental and economic benefits of utilising CBA, emphasising its role in enhancing the mechanical properties of cement-based composites while addressing the challenge of waste accumulation from coal power generation.

As a leading figure in structural engineering and infrastructure protective technology, A/Prof Raman’s career is distinguished by his dedication to concrete engineering, structural resilience, and promoting a circular economy within construction. His leadership as the Head of the Civil Engineering Department and co-founder of the Monash Climate-Resilient Infrastructure Research Hub (M-CRInfra) at Monash University Malaysia is instrumental in steering the industry towards sustainability.

We thank A/Prof Raman for sharing his invaluable research and for inspiring our members to explore innovative solutions in the fight against climate change. This seminar is one in the coming series of knowledge exchange seminars in the pathway towards decarbonisation.